Can’t commit to a postpaid data line? Globe now offers prepaid home Wi-Fi – Hungry Geeks

Now don’t get us wrong, there are still some who can’t afford to commit in subscribing to a data plan or their area is limited to only wireless data. Either way, it’s still tempting to get an internet connection especially something that is more stable.

That’s why Globe introduces their latest product, a prepaid home internet router. The main benefit is it’s easy to setup, top up when needed and you also get a free 5GB data for only a one-time payment of Php1495. Should you need more data, you’ll simply subscribe to the current Globe Prepaid GoSurf plans.

Intendedly, this setup is for basic internet users with light browsing and social media usage. This will give you better signal as well as compared in using your mobile phone to tether data. Right now 999 will get you 6GB of data while availing a broadband plan can give you 20GB of data for the same price, so check your data to know which is the right setup for you.

But it’s not yet available in all areas, currently, Globe only sells it in limited areas like Globe Kiosks in Marikina Riverbanks, Antipolo Public Market, Shopwise Antipolo, Cogeo Public Market, and Ever Gotesco. As you can see, the locations are intended for nearby towns with limited internet options like Antipolo, Cogeo or perhaps Rizal.



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