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Captain America: Civil War really was the movie that we were expecting — enjoyable and exciting. It may be a disappointing sequel to both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it does one heck of a job showcasing all the characters than the mentioned movies.

Civil War is the perfect title for the movie

To summarize, the United Nations demand oversight over our favorite superheroes after the deadly events and destroyed cities from all the previous movies. Iron Man wants to sign the Sokovia Accords while Captain America is against it (because he doesn’t trust the government anymore). After an attack from The Winter Solider wherein a number of people have died, Cap again goes rouge to protect his best friend while Tony Stark and The Avengers who side with him are given a limited time to stop them before all friendships are lost. Because of that, all hell breaks loose and our superheroes are forced to fight each other with some villains (Crossbones and Zemo) to add more problems to them.

As the movie title suggests, Captain America once again proves that he is the protagonist in the film. He’s a warm-hearted man who has to make tough decisions and he gives you the feel of loneliness despite having some friends to back him up.

On the other hand, Iron Man becomes uncharacteristically moral and upright because of his actions in both Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3. But you can’t blame him though, imagine you destroyed a whole city because you want to protect the world, maybe you don’t make the best decisions even though you are a genius, billionaire, playboy and a philanthropist.

For me, the best adaptation of Spider-Man…

The hype is real!

and it ain’t even his own movie! Other than the scar between the relationship of Cap and Iron Man, you’ll mostly notice the bromance and devotion of Cap and his BFF Bucky as Winter Soldier again finds his own humanity after being the assassin that he is. It’s sole purpose is to also give the views some laughs for the movie. But really, the one that will make you chuckle is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman as he gets the spotlight for his addition in the MCU.

Realtalk, Spider-Man is the best thing that happened in this movie (Sorry Black Panther). Who wouldn’t love seeing Spider-Man steal Cap’s shield? By doing that, he also stole the whole movie from him. Despite the hate of netizens, Tom Holland successfully captures what makes Peter Parker such a sweet, funny and great hero. He’s arguably the best adaption of the comic book superhero yet.

But Black Panther is also great in his own way

Black Panther considerably played a big role for his first appearance in the MCU. He successfully took the place of the missing Thor. The fight scenes of Black Panther was very cool plus his Vibranium costume is a total badass (a helicopter shot him and he shrugged it off like a dust in your shoulder). His overflowing emotion and the explanation of his origin story justifies the creation of his own movie. But I’ve got to admit, Spidey really stole the spotlight from him. Not complaining, though.

Good things aside, what’s up with The Vision?

Don’t get me wrong, Vision is still a standout in the movie. Seeing Vision trying his best to cook and act human is sweet and funny. His feelings for Scarlet Witch is there but I really didn’t see the reason why, and I know that they have a thing in the comics but the movie failed to explain it. There’s obviously a lack of screen time and fight scenes from Vision but maybe because he’s too overpowered and may destroy all Avengers and make the whole movie and 15-minute clip.

Zemo basically made use of the whole plot to be a bad guy

If the number of superheroes introduced in the movie isn’t enough for you, maybe Zemo can change your mind. Just like Black Panther replacing Thor, Zemo pretty much had the role of Loki — making the superheroes’ enemies themselves. His motive was very compelling but his actual scheme doesn’t really matter, he just wants make Captain America and Iron Man fight. Still, a good addition to the already-crowded MCU roster.

The airport battle was the best… I think?

For me, the airport battle sequence was the best superhero clash ever shown on the big screen. It’s every comic book and superhero lover’s dream — every character had their shining moment. Spider-Man get’s to shoot web while making a fun out of it, Black Panther gets to show off his unusual and unorthodox fighting style, Ant-Man gives both of these cool stunts and a surprising nerdgasm-inducing highlight. This will be the superhero brawl that will be remembered throughout the years.

But that’s not all that the movie has to offer, there’s a final act that you’ve seen in the trailers but if you compare it to the exciting and breath-taking scene from the airport, it lacks energy but more emotional. The scene gives a nice climax to the movie and it completes the whole plot by giving you either an “a-ha!” or an “I knew it!” moment.

The Verdict

The best thing that ever happened in the movie was the introduction of Both Spider-Man and Black Panther as part of The Avengers, the movie didn’t quite become the right sequel of both The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. Also, the villain is a bit lacking and failed to be effective for the plot. All-in-all, it was the best superhero braw that ever took place on the big screen. A perfect score of 5/7 (if you know what I mean).



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