Check r/Game Deals for the Best Gaming Deals – Hungry Geeks

Without question, look ing for a game deal is more of an ordeal rather than a quest for getting things cheap. It’s hard to check on individual sites just to see if your favorite game is on sale. Luckily, Reddit’s helpful legions, via r/GameDeals, are sharing information about the best prices for video games across the wide expanse of the internet.

If you’re unfamiliar with the online digital market, Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin are neither the only ones that distribute games nor offer them at very tempting prices. There are also some that are clientless such as GMG, Humble Bundle and GoG. With their sheer numbers, looking for that coveted deal may more or less garner much of your time and patience. As a solution, r/GameDeals constantly updates to showcase a list (or threads) of discounts, be it physical or digital. Sometimes, the thread’s speed of dissemination is even faster than gaming news sites.

Prepare thine wallets!

If you have a card or e-payment methods available at your disposal, this is one site that you should refer to, aside from this one, of course.



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