Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa for Php4,495 – Hungry Geeks

Octacore is the new standard for 2015. Cherry mobile just announced the upgraded Flare S3, now powered by an octacore processor. The flare series is known for its affordable sub 5k price point showing aggressive specifications.

Here is the specifications of the Flare S3 Octa

The Flare S3 Octacore will be initially available this February 28, 2015 through a flash sale in the Cherry Mobile concept stores. The flash sale will start on 1PM on the following branches

First 200 buyers per location will get a free powerbank (2600mAh). At the price point given and its aggressive features this will surely be a hit phone from Cherry Mobile. But again, this is one phone that will compete with the Android One project. As we stated in our article, eventually Cherry will compete itself with the Android one project.



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