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Cherry Mobile is definitely keeping mobile gadgets enthusiasts interested with a very diversified and affordable phone line-up. This includes the beautiful Cherry Mobile Omega 4G. This 5-incher phone, dual SIM, LTE capable with a low-down price of 5,999Php running on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Design and Construction

Equipped with a 5″ HD IPS screen, the Omega 4G seems to be bigger in size. What’s disappointing is it could hold a bigger size display for a few more nudge of space on the sides but instead; thick useless bezels surrounds the screen making it appear larger than an average 5″ incher mobile phone. A 5MP camera is located at the top portion of the phone and an IR sensor is just beside it. A front facing flash, most-likely used for lighting selfies is also located just beside the call audio grills.

On a first look, the Omega 4G looks to have a uni-body design. This is an illusion as the back cover extends toward the sides to complete cover the sides of the Omega 4G.

It is made of a crisp plastic material and the black matte finish makes it look more sophisticated. The back cover also houses the 13MP camera, with the LED flash just below it. Audio speaker grills are located near the bottom portion of the back.

The volume rack is located on the left side, while the power button on the opposite side. On top is the micro-USB port and just beside it the auxillary audio port.

The phone is light, looks pretty durable, sleek, and comfortable to use. For a 5 incher, the Omega 4G is an absolute beauty to look at and to hold. A minimalist design that feels premium and superb placement of buttons, camera and frame makes it a great phone to show off your friends.

Audio and Multimedia

With a 5″ IPS HD display, watching and viewing photos or videos are pretty much simple and clear; colours are accurate but not eye-popping. Nothing unusual or surprising. The audio on the other hand is not great at all.

With the speakers positioned on the lower portion and at the back of the phone you would be probably be blocking it with your hand while playing games or watching videos on landscape. Bass is not popping, treble is not clear. Visually, we could probably say something good, at least; but audio lacks anything to impress us.

You’re better off playing your sounds from somewhere else.

Camera and Sample Photos

Rear camera seems to be great at 13MP. The image is clear and crisp, but the images seems to be cold. Colors are looks dull and sad. It’s great for a gallery which has a feed that has a cold theme, but for those who wants vibrant colors, look somewhere else.

One nice thing that I found was a preview on the gallery’s thumbnail for a video. A few filters are already available onboard, white balance, and scene mode. You may also adjust ISO levels, picture and preview size, a face beauty function.



A 2,000mAH battery should be enough for taking photos and selfies, calling and texting your friends. But with LTE capability, Cherry Mobile should’ve given this phone a better battery life. It might not be enough to power your phone through out the day with your LTE up and running; while watching videos on Youtube, planning what road to take with waze and even trying to play games (on LTE). Doing this activities on your phone with only 2,000mAH is absolutely unacceptable. But with the 5,999 price tag; who are we to complain.


The Cherry Mobile Omega 4G is a no frills good looking phone. It mimics a popular unibody frame from other flagship phone and has a big front screen display. Unfortunately, the Omega 4G only mimics and does not have all the good stuff a great phone should have; except for some standard good features like a rear 13MP camera, a 5MP front camera with a dedicated flash, Dual SIM and LTE capability. If these features appeals to you, then don’t mind the next paragraph and save up 5,999Php to get this phone.

As we’ve said earlier, the other than the camera and the LTE capability, the screen is a 5 inch screen with .5 inches bezel on all sides. This does not even count the frame on top and the bottom. Although it has a big body very near 5.5″ spec’d phones, Cherry Mobile did not bother to increase the screensize. The audio, and camera quality is okay but not great, while button placements are usual and normal. The storage is only limited to 16GB but you could expand this with another 32GB through a Micro SD. RAM is a little over the lower key as it provides you with only 2GB. CPU is powered through a 1.0GHz Quad Core 64-bit. Nothing special about this phone except for what is important for our common Filipino phone users. 1. Looks, 2. Front (selfie ) camera, 3. Great rear camera, 4. And LTE capable.



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