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Cherry Mobile launched the Touch HD last August 22 on Lazada. This 5-incher phone is priced at 2,899Php and is running Android Lollipop 5.1.

Display and Design

The Cherry Mobile Touch HD is equipped with a 5-inch HD display at 1280 x 720 resolution. The bezels on the side of the screen are too thick for my liking. Bezel below are used with the on-screen buttons while the the 2MP front camera and notification LED are located above.

The back is another story. Cherry Mobile uses faux leather on plastic to give this phone a more premium feel for its price. Well, it certainly gave it a more sophisticated but failed when “TOUCH” and “Cherry Mobile” were printed on it. The speaker grills are located at the back as well but as you can see on the photo below, one strips seems to be miss aligned.

Camera wise, the 8MP rear lens is protruding and is the most prominent figure at the back. It is located on the most left-hand side and although visibly higher than the rest of the back part, the camera is protected by a silver plastic ring and t he faux leather plastic back cover is higher by nudge to prevent scratching. An LED flash is located directly below the camera.

The charging and the auxiliary port is conviniently located on the top part of the phone, the volume rocker on the left side while the power button on its opposite. The mic and the lever to lift the back cover is located on the bottom part of the phone.

Holding the Touch HD is comfortable, the curved sides makes it very ergonomical and gives of an impression that it is thinner than how it actually looks like. The rear camera’s location is very unique while the silver frame gives it a sophisticated contrast with the black screen and faux black leather back. Don’t expect the that the leather back of this phone is as premium as what other flagship phone has. (ie. LG G4). Although the faux leather looks great, with very nice stitching on the sides, the it heavily resembles rough car dash boards rather than a premium handbag or a wallet. It gives a feel of plastic rather than of leather.

Audio and Multimedia

The phone is not positioned to be anywhere near an audiophile or multimedia junkie phone. On the audio part, the phone has decent bass and treble; nothing special and you could better be listening from something else.

The screen, on the other hand, is pretty dark than usual. It could use a little more lightening up for outdoor use. I had a hard time using the phone when walking down a street on a sunny day.

Camera and Sample Photos

The camera is pretty straight to the point, 8MP primary with 2MP for your front camera. The focusing takes a while, but you get your HDR mode.

Exif_JPEG_420 Exif_JPEG_420 Exif_JPEG_420 Exif_JPEG_420 Exif_JPEG_420



The 2000mAH is pretty solid. Since users will be probably using this phone mainly for calling and texting, this should be nothing of a drainer.

It should last you for a day or at least a day and a half with no problem. Just make sure to conserve your juice and avoid using it as your primary phone. If you are planning to use it as your main load out, a powerbank is most essential.



This phone is priced at 2,899PhpIf you have more cash that you could spend, then by all means buy a higher spec’d phone. But if you don’t we would suggest that you check this phone out when looking for one. The specification is not that great, but then again the premium design and the solid- ergonomically construction of the phone gives it the edge on other phones on it’s level. We just love the faux leather back as it gives enough grip while making it look sophisticated. The position and size of the rear camera looks aggressive and gives it a more premium look. The dual-sim is a bonus as well. Yes, spec-wise, the phone is priced at 2,899Php but the design and construction pushes it to a 8,000 to 10,000Php – looking phone.

The Cherry Mobile Touch HD, is now available in Lazada, available in Black and White variants.



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