Cherry Mobile VR Glasses Review – Hungry Geeks

For Php1,200 the Cherry Mobile VR Glasses is a pretty low cost alternative to imerge inside virtual reality.

Design and Construction

VR Glasses

Resembling Samsung’s own Galaxy Gear Headset, Cherry Mobile’s VR Glasses are primarily made of plastic. The white color surrounds the body while a translucent plastic tops the holder where your cellphone slides in. The padding is adequate for long term usage and space for nose is just right.  We are putting comfortability pretty high as it has ample space for airflow and enough cushion for comfort.

Adjusting the lens closer or farther to your nose bridge, or nearer and farther from your eyes is easy with two switches found at the bottom part of the VR glasses.

Straps included are comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, since the whole device is made of plastic – except for the strap – Cherry Mobile VR Glasses seems to be flimsy. Far better than Google’s cardboard, but important joints and parts like the strap holder, lens adjuster, and translucent plastic that holds your phone can easily break. It had no problem carrying my LG G4 curved back so other phones should be an easy slide in to the Cherry Mobile VR Glass.

Bluetooth Remote

Apart from the VR Glasses, Cherry Mobile also includes a plastic controller that resembles a Wii controller. Staying close to feeling and looking flimsy, this controller seem to made out of thin plastic. I fear that dropping this twice or thrice with significant force would destroy it. The controller can be connected to your phone while experiencing VR via Bluetooth and is in need of 2 AAA batteries for it to work.


There are not a lot of content for VR, not a lot of developers are doing VR applications as well, so for Php 1,200 you are just looking to try out 360 degree Youtube content and a few bad roller coaster application on the Google Play.

Great 360 degree porn content should be one of your major consideration if you treat VR as an investment rather than a toy. ? The Bluetooth remote is a nice addition to the package as well. Other plus factors for the Cherry Mobile VR is that the device is light, and comfortable to wear. While we do not like how it was built, it seems to be flimsy and is susceptible to immediate wear and tear.



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