DiDi Chuxing, China’s biggest ride-sharing platform, is eyeing Philippines for its expansion. It has been reported that the company is in talks with a Filipino group in to end Grab’s virtual monopoly in the country.

Luis “Chavit” Singson confirmed that there are ongoing negotiations in DiDi. “We want to break the monopoly of Grab,” said Singson.

DiDi Chuxing’s Global Network.

Singson has not unveiled any of the specifics of their talks with DiDi. At this time, the company is one of the world’s leading transportation platforms. It serves around 550 million users across Asia, Australia, and Latin Amera for ride-sharing, food deliveries, and e-bikes.

It must be noted that Singson also owns U-Hope Transportation Network Vehicle System Inc., one of the 10 Transport Network Companies (TNC) that are able to operate ride-sharing services in Philippines.