Choi Garden Megamall : A delight for the tummy

    SM Megamall is a very known place for having everything you need and one find for eating we discovered is Choi Garden. Known for Cantonese based cuisines, its fairly located at the 2nd floor of the Atrium.

    We had an opportunity to taste their food recently and they served us their “Create your own Shabu Shabu” which base on different kinds of selections ranging from Noodles, Soup and Toppings.

    • Noodles
      • Hong Kong Noodles
      • Bihon
      • Ramen
      • Sotanghon
    • Soup with Soy Egg
      • Double Boiled Pork Bone
      • Szechuan Spicy Soup
    • Toppings (3pcs)
      • Crab Sticks
      • Corn
      • Curry Fish Ball
      • Beef Ball
      • Gindara Tofu
      • Cheese Fish Bun
      • Sea Urchin Bun
      • Braised Beef Knuckle
      • Beef Brisket Tendon
      • BBQ Pork Asado
      • Crab Stick
      • and more

    The Shabu Shabu set was served as well with Soy Egg, Delicious Asado Bun and a glass of Choi Garden’s Ice Tea. The whole set is priced at Php388, fairly reasonable given that the variety of choices is good.


    Their Asado Bun is the star of our visit, their freshly made bun sprinkled with sugar delivered a mouthwatering melt in your mouth experience. The Asado inside was hot and has good amount of sauce to deliver a satisfying taste. Price of the Asado bun is Php100 for 3pcs.


    Traditional Cantonese chicken and moon cake was also served making the whole experience complete.


    Lastly, in the venue is the open kitchen where everyone can withness how some dishes are prepared including the Asado Bun. Here you can see the Chef is preparing a batch of Asado bun by molding the dough.


    You can visit Choi Garden SM Megamall to try for yourself their wide range of Cantonese dishes for the family, friends or even yourself to enjoy. We really recommend getting the Asado bun to complete the experience (Trust us, its worth it).

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