Milk. Leche. Gatas. Considered as one of the primary ingredients in making Filipino staple foods, milk is undeniably ingrained and part of our culture. To help realize that the best things in life, including Christmas, is best celebrated with milk, Alaska rolled out their Alaska Merry Cremas Festival, an annual event that began last 2013. With its namesake, Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, as the main star of the show, various recipes and creations were presented with a pinch of finesse with an added bonus incredibly simple instructions on how to include it in your everyday menu. Since we here at jump on every opportunity to eat, jumped into this merry celebration held Trinoma, Quezon City, last November 29.

The event doubles as a place to satisfy oneself with creamy products, learn recipes and a bit about business inspirations.


Alaska Merry Cremas Festival, an obvious play on one of the most celebrated seasons here in the Philippines, is an annual event that discusses and promotes creativity using Alaska’s Crema. Located in Trinoma’s activity center last November 29 are several booths that present their creations coupled with recipes pumped with their delectable Crema.






Going across each booth, I managed to peek and get samplings of a number of treats that “Alaska-preneurs” cooked up. The event was smack in the middle of everything, making it a prime spot for hungry onlookers and those curious enough for a taste. The stalls were lined in a seemingly random composition, with each one having their own special recipe available for tasting and if satisfied, you can even buy a pack. The food presented included are a mix pastries, some cooked local/international delicacies, and desserts.


I’ve had the chance to try one of the concessionaire’s  ice cream that was made by using Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream. It was delightfully great, creamy, and there’s that lovely milky flavor. I got it for just P20. The booth person also told me that it was easy to make.


Check out the Alaska Cremamoments Everyday Mobile App for a more legible daily tasty concoctions.

All booths were thankfully, sporting a placard containing the recipe of their presented item. I got a handful of them and surprisingly, they really are kind of simple to make. Maybe it’s just the magic that makes them taste good or the Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream altogether? Or maybe a bit of both.

To add spice more cream to the already creamy event, the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival also had several personalities presenting numbers while the crowd partook on what’s served. There are also parts of the event for kids, sing-a-long, and game segments open for passersby to join.

Alaska also celebrated their Merry Cremas Festival in Parkmall, Cebu last December 6, 2015.

This stall wins in making people take a second look at their name.
Look! They have something for the kids (and probably you) too!

By the way, if you’re keen on trying out their simple but tasty recipes, best download their Alaska Cremamoments Everyday Mobile App (for Android).