Chrome 45 to reduce RAM drastically

Opened Chrome, aaaand the RAM is gone…

Google is chrome is one of the most used internet browser today, if not the most popular. But there are always complaints on how it eats up every RAM available in the system. With Chrome 45, all that rants will be gone as the browser will now be hands-on with handling you computer’s resources effectively.

Unused memory clean up will be activated on idle and unused tabs. Google stated that we will experience 10 percent reduction of memory on average, but heavy web apps like Gmail will have up to 25 percent reduction in the memory.

Chrome’s Flash suspension feature, which pauses Flash content on a website, will now be implemented every time. Google said that this will affect the performance and battery life drastically.

If you’re a user who likes to open so many tabs, Chrome will now autoload them ahead of others on restart. Tabs will be restored from most to least recently viewed, so Chrome will load the most important tabs faster.

The update will be available for all Chrome users. As well as from those who drifted away. Maybe we’ll give the browser another chance.