Civilization Players Are Sending The Entire World To War

No real person will be playing the game, this was the organizers plan all along to have the game play it self. Everyone could just sit back and watch the whole thing. You might be thinking, being a Civ player that the AI could just talk it out and trade; make peace with everyone but NO! It is a Domination only game so expect armies to roll out as early as possible. Unofficial mods will also be used to get the ball rolling. Nazi Germani and USSR will also be making an appearance; even our nation, The Philippines might get through if voted up.

As far as the Reddit thread is concerned, here are the full list of Civs to be part of  this epic set-up.

42 civs

There will be no city-states in this game and will be played on epic speed with difficulty set on deity AI. The organizers are on its final prep stage so make sure to check here for more details.