Converge asks you : “Ganito ba kabilis internet mo?” – FIBER up to 100Mbps – Hungry Geeks

How often you get that question from service providers? Most probably rare as today our internet speed is definitely improving but the demand grows even faster.

Converge ICT is an emerging internet service provider for consumers, SMEs and entrepreneurs. While Converge is not a new company, their expansion of coverage and improving service is gaining recognition from consumers that badly and clamoring for an alternative internet provider.

They provide a cable and fiber optic network services in Central Luzon, Baguio and even Batangas and Metro Manila. They stressed out their network is PURE FIBER in Metro Manila as compared to Globe and PLDT which still has copper thus providing confusion of service.

Thier latest product FiberX are selectable of 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps ranging from 1,500 pesos to 3,500 pesos. Currently,they serve around 100,00 customers around the Philippines and they plan o expand to more areas (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Pangasinan, Laoag, Launion, Benguet, Neuva Ecija, Cebu and Davao) in the near future.

The company stress out their improving 24/7 customer service to serve their customers better, their rapid increase of 35% profit year on year is a sign that the market is HUNGRY for better internet.

But as an emerging playing in the market, what sets Converge apart?

Currently converge serves a lot of business, schools, hotels and even BPOs around the country, they plan to expand into Visayas and Mindanao by 2018. Their leverage as compared to competitors is the pure fiber products, they don’t share resources in installation / customer service to old copper network which is frequently problematic.  

Promise – Redundant Network

Converge is proud to mention that their network is redundant (What?), this means that their cabling system is interconnected from east to west and north to south to avoid any mishap when Fiber cut occurs similar to this incident. 

Challenge – Laying out the Fiber underground

Laying out Fiber underground is the main challenge for this wonderful technology, getting permits to dig underground takes weeks to even months if the local government unit doesn’t approve or sometimes take it seriously. (So, urge your local government to participate in trenching to have fiber and don’t blame the service providers.) 

Fortunately, Converge owns a subsidiary names MetroWorks ICT. It is a company that dedicatedly do micro-trenching for rapid underground fiber optic networks deployment in urban areas. Using the latest machinery, they added that they can do trenching in a smaller and faster method as compared to competitors.

This is similar to what converge uses which takes us less space and faster results

Imagine the space and time efficiently used as compared to traditional method of occupying one road lane and might take several days to finish. Converge says that 1 kilometer to trenching roads can easily cost around 2.5M – 3M pesos, something ain’t cheap but its definitely needed.

Current Plans – LGU Participation

Local government participation is important for Converge, it gives them leverage to show and stress the importance of a connected city. They were able to contribute to the government with major projects like ASEAN Summit, CCTV program of the MMDA and much more.

CEO Dennis Uy said that Converge is very active in providing internet connection but also network related products such as “Smart City” like CCTV, Network amplification and etc.

Future Plan – Own submarine cable

Converge is now on the roll of having a dedicated submarine cable to significantly increase capacity (Currently they are getting supply from PLDT, Globe and others). This underground cable will “ring” the philippines to avoid significant downtime of service when underwater cable cuts occurs.

The submarine cable will cost the company easily around $200 Million US Dollars, but will lead to better expansion of service nationwide. Converge also stress out that their CAPEX for the year is around Php2.2 Billion pesos.

How to subscribe or inquire

You can visit the Converge website at or call them via 02-667-0848 for sales inquiry.



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