Cyber threat in PH is growing and Globe Business can help you prevent it.  – Hungry Geeks

Any business that expand can be open to a potential of cyber threat, hackers can cripple down operations and even expose sensitive data without you knowing it. 

With the increasing number of attacks in the Philippines, Globe Business the information and communications technology arm of Globe Telecom, just launced their ASOC (Advanced Security Operations Centre) to address this concern. 

Globe ASOC has trustwave which houses the infrastructure and teams dedicated for customer service platform management, threat detection, threat hunting, and incident response for customers. Globally, Trustwave has more than 1,600 security professionals and nine other ASOCs. 

This service is a partnership between Singtel, Globe, Trustwave and Palo Alto Network. Along with compliments from FireEye and Arbor, Globe Business aims to prepare growing enterprises for the ever-evololving threats in the market. 

Particularly this service can do Vulnerability Assesment, Network Security, Application Security, Content Security, Anti-DDoS attack, Endpoint Security and Access control, and even security management. 

Businesses today shoul invest more about their security not only physically but also digitally. A growing enterprise can’t depend on a simple anti-virus and static IP internet connection. 



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