Daikin's D-Compact split type aircon fits into your old window type aircon. – Hungry Geeks

Time for an upgrade your aircon, especially that summer is coming and the heat will go up hotter than the usual. One problem most Filipino homes face is the lack of space outside for a compressor for split type aircon, thus most end up buying 2HP window type aircon and loose the flexibility a split type offers.

The Daikin D-Compact Split type aircons have the capability to distribute air more evenly as compared to a window type aircon, so you get the advantage of not only getting colder room temperature but also more isolated cooling effect.

As seen below, you can see that the old slot for the window type aircon is converted into a split type aircon, the compressor sits conveniently where the old hole is located.

Aside from that, Daikin also announced their plan of phasing out the old refrigerants with ozone depleting potential, such as R22. A more efficient R-32 is now available and Daikin introduces this standard throughout their 2017 lineup. This is 3 years ahead of the targeted year of 2020 set up by thePhilippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Daikin also introduced their latest Split type aircon under the Cooling King series, guaranteed to have more cooling efficiency and less power consumption with its 4 star energy rating.

The new Cooling King series is available in both inverter and non-inverter series. This will be Daikin’s new split type aircon series for year 2017.

Lastly, Daikin also has centralized cooling systems where one compressor can hold up to multiple split head aircon. This solution is ideal for multi-level houses or companies that is limited in exterior space.



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