We recently saw a post by Abensons, a large appliance, and electronics store in the Philippines about a listicle of their “Big screen wonders”, inside are several smartphones such as the Huawei P30 Lite, Samsung A50, Samsung A10 and many more.

Ironically, we noticed that all phones featured are discounted and Abensons is claiming that you “Save” up to 2,000 pesos in the smartphones featured. Upon closer inspection, we’re baffled why the SRP featured are higher than announced and the actual selling price is the original price.

Here is a reference of what we are talking about



As you can see, Abensons is creating a fake “sale/savings” impression to make you feel that its a great deal, whereas it’s not at all. Here in Hungry Geeks, it’s our passion and time to provide you the latest news in the field of smartphones.

We checked their website and this is most common especially in SRP items. While they do have great deals especially with exclusive models, we wish that this practice should be abolished as overall the consumers are being scammed and its not a great impression at all. Customers today are smarter, can search online and compare prices, so we believe that this practice should really end.