Death to all ports! – MacBook 2015 – Hungry Geeks

Last night, Apple has just released their latest MacBook and it’s very thin. This makes the already very thin MacBook Air look like a large textbook. If you are one those people that actually uses all the ports on the side of your laptop then this MacBook is not for you. It only has a single USB-C port and it does everything, starting from charging and transferring data.

The USB-C port is the one and only port on the new MacBook. It means that users cannot charge their laptop and an iPhone simultaneously. It’s not possible to duplicate a video to a monitor and transfer files from an external drive without a hub.

This is not the first time Apple tried to make a new industry standard. Back in 1998, Apple made a bold move by not including a floppy drive or serials in the iMac G3. Instead Apple included a CD-ROM and two USB ports. Also, they stopped including Firewire ports and CD-ROM drives.

Apple’s quest in making the thinnest MacBook possible finally has its major drawback. But has Apple gone too far here? A single port really limits the owner in multitasking.



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