Dell releases edgeless display XPS 15 – Hungry Geeks

Microsoft may take matters in their own hands by building their own hardware with their Surface Book but other hardware companies are not giving up just yet. Laptop company Dell just released their new line of laptop with the highlighted XPS 15 featuring an edgeless dislay making it the smallest 15-inch laptop ever.

With a whopping 15-inch display, it’s definitely built for power users as it comes along with some pretty high-end specs like: a 4K touchscreen display, Core i7 Skylake processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD internal storage.

Looking at those specs, it goes to show that they are clearly aiming at the new Surface Book but also copies the price tag which is unbearable. It costs around $1900 for the highest configuration.

Aside from releasing this beast of a laptop, they are also releasing the convertible XPS12 which features a high density 4K display in a 12-inch panel and the XPS 13 with a bit higher specs and boasting an 18 hour battery life on their 1080p screen. These new laptops are packed with Thunderbolt USB-C ports

Will this be enough to entice us and bring down the awesome Surface Book? We’ll see.



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