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For any kind of celebration with your barkada or even your family, you always want to have that perfect place to go to. Choosing for the perfect venue where each member will agree might be tricky, but we think we have the answer for you. Fortunately Dencio’s is a Filipino restaurant that specializes in serving people in groups.

Together with our friends and co-bloggers, we recently had the opportunity in trying out their special menus. We could confidently say that there are three types of food Dencio’s can serve to any kind of group / barkada at whatever kind of celebration. Check out our venture of Dencio’s Restaurant below.

Eat and Celebrate

With your family or friends, an all-out Filipino meal isn’t complete without our favorite traditional food. That’s why Dencio’s serves a wide variety of favorite Filipino dishes such as

Krispy Sisig  – No one is on a diet once this dish is already on the table, you can already hear the sizzling action and meat popping far away. This Krispy sisig is definitely a “Never dine without” dish here in Dencio’s.

Pancit ni Dencio’s – Pancit for long life! In this case keep the day going with meaty and plentiful pancit with Dencio’s signature sauce for a unique and authentic taste.

Krispy Pata – We know that everyone will love this, just be careful not to eat too much. Unfortunately it was so crispy, that we ended up eating more that we could handle. A definitely must-have meal when eating in this restaurant.

Sari-saring Sinugba – Squid, Tuna, Barbeque and liempo all grilled to perfection. It’s definitely perfect to eat with rice and your own toyo + calamansi dip.

The dessert of the night was Turon de Sorbetes  – Classic Filipino Turon with a twist of butterscotch for balanced sweetness and paired with vanilla ice cream will result to a melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Drink and Hang out

Nothing is more fulfilling but to drink out the night along your friends after a hard-day of work. Dencio’s serves a wide variety of alcoholic drinks from beers for the leaders, cocktails for the girls and shooters for the hardcore drinkers.

What interests us is that they now serve Draft Below Zero beer for the best beer serving possible. Served with a specialized Beer Tower to separate the ice and beer, it keeps the original taste of the beer while maintaining it cold. Plus they serve it with ice cold refrigerated mugs for added coldness in your drink.

The pulutan is also abundant with their specialty dishes. Mainly for additional food while drinking, you can pick from a variety of meats such as:

Hot & Spicy Tofulutan – Crispy Tofu marinated in spice and special sauce to deliver an awakening spiciness. This is perfect as you begin to drink beer, the spice kicks in to increase your appetite and metabolism.

Macho Nachos – Who doesn’t love nachos right? This one is drowned in cheese and special crispy sisig meat. Definitely no worries if you serve nachos for the whole barkada, this will probably the 1st to run out.

Krispy Buntot ng Tuna – Who would have thought tuna would this be fulfilling? The star pulutan of the night is definitely this dish with a skin so crispy yet moist on the inside, you’ll soon forget about the other dishes served.

So there you have it, we definitely had a great time eating at Dencio’s with the our barkada. You’ll definitely won’t be disappointed with their wide variety of Filipino dishes available for everyone. Plus considering their menu isn’t heavy on the pocket, it’s an easy pick restaurant for groups that can definitely pitch in for an affordable night of celebration.

We will be giving away Php2,000 pesos worth of Dencio’s Gift Certificate for you to experience your own barkada #ChillaxAtDencios.


All you have to do is post a photo of your barkada and explain why your barkada deserves to win an eating experience at Dencio’s. Tag @hungrygeeksph and @denciosph in Instagram with the hashtags #HungryGeeksPh #ChillaxSaDencios

We will pick out the winner on October 30 so start posting now!

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