Detect people peeping at your phone with this new Google tool | News and Reviews

Ever feel that people are looking at your smartphone’s screen whenever you’re in public? Well, researchers from Google have created a tool that can detect whenever someone’s taking a peek at your smartphone.

Created by Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff, this tool called Electronic Screen Protector, detects anyone that might be peeping at your smartphone. This is made possible by using the smartphone’s front-facing camera with a dab of artificial intelligence to track faces and eye movements of the people around you. If someone’s caught, the tool will alert you by launching the camera app and highlighting the person observing. You’ll also get a message telling you that a “Stranger is Looking” on your smartphone.

The researchers say that this tool can detect the eyes in 2 milliseconds while the face is tracked within 47 milliseconds. This new tool will be presented at the Neural Information Processing System conference next week in Long Beach, California.

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