Digital Door Locks – Something we need to catch on

    In other south-east Asian countries, digital door locks are now a standard like the ones you see in Korea, Hong-Kong, and even Singapore. Unfortunately here in the Philippines, our luxury spending isn’t that well off and resulting in less priority into these things.

    LogHome is a brand carried by www.lifeautomated.ph

    But with the increasing crime rate in the Philippines, it does get alarming for our house. Especially that we have experienced several home theft over the past decades, and updating our main house door lock is severely overdue.

    Our door lock before was this, old and traditional that needed keys to be opened and closed. The knob to open is no longer working since typhoon Ondoy reached into it and made the internals clunky and unusable.

    Hence, we upgraded to a digital door lock at home. This one is the LogHome LH500F, a battery-powered digital lock with a fingerprint scanner, passcode, and RFID tags. Of course, it still has the traditional method of going inside via a key.

    With 5 of our family members going back and forth every day to our main door, we opted to register everyone’s fingerprint for a better entrance. It saves us time by saving us the hassle of bringing keys and even a capability to lock the door from outside when necessary.

    While our door even older than myself, it’s nice that digital door locks are compatible to doors like this. It’s now been a week since we have this door lock and so far we’re happy with the outcome. It’s now a lot easier to enter the house especially on late nights and it’s hard to look for the master keys of the home.

    We’ll write our whole journey in getting this door lock installed soon, but would you believe that this only cost Php9,500? Yes, not 30k as you may see in hardware stores, but this good door lock is 1/3 of the cost already. So, for the sake of Home Security, that’s fit for 2018, you might want to consider upgrading as well.

    You can check out more at https://www.lifeautomatedph.com/  also check out their whole range of digital door locks starting at Php5,500.




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