In today’s entertainment landscape in the Philippines, more and more content worthy stories are made every day thanks to innovation. But I must say, we have gone a long way since the good old days. A testimony to that is the Disney’s Newsies act at the Bonifacio Global City.

We recently watched the 1st-week premiere of Disney’s Newsies play at the Globe Iconic Store in BGC. It’s a production by Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical, the same that brought the smash hit Green Day’s American Idiot and heart warming A Christmas Carol.

Incredible Outdoor Setup 

What’s amazing to this production is the level of detail they exerted. Giant pillars illuminated to the theme of the old 1800’s New Your fill up space. We actually had goosebumps and felt the “Disney Magic” working inside, a great implementation to draw curiosity around.

As compared to previous executions, this production is a more secluded and technically only available for those who will avail tickets to watch the show. But, we do understand that Globe and 9WorksTheatrical still implement the “accidental theater” theme, but with two shows already successful…you should really invest in tickets this time.

5 giant platforms themed to old 1800’s steels of New York are the highlight of the play, along with giant projectors to add vibrancy into the background. Once entering inside, you will definitely the hard work of this production. Joe Caliro of Globe even highlighted that the production for Disney’s Newsies is majority Filipino, from the stage, cast, venue, and talents.

As an outdoor venue, the production made sure of the highest quality in audio. We were impressed by the live band at the back of the stage, placed at the Globe Iconic Store’s glass bridge. The audio system is simply impressive, along with the live-microphones clear as should they be in the theater.

Now we don’t have any previous experience in theater aside from watching American Idiot, A Christmas Carol and Annie but we can definitely say that our Philippine theater industry is definitely flourishing with such productions becoming bigger each and every time.

Story and Feedback

In all honesty, we don’t know even one bit of the story prior to watching the show. But we are amazed of the production with its clear story line and time-relevant theme. We won’t dwell too much into the story but its about “Newspaper sellers” dubbed as “Newsies” selling the everyday paper to customers. Composed of kids with no parents, they strive to sell off their paper to earn for everyday living, but faced with a problem of increasing prices.

In the journey of the story, you will see the value of being a family, love and even commodity that gives our world a balanced state. Aside from this, you’ll encounter time-relevant happening such as fake news or attention to important news are diverted to gain profit.

Aside from the story, Newsies is a lively musical that will get your heart pumping. The whole cast has gone through rigorous gymnastics training to achieve several high jumps, splits, cartwheels and even multiple back flips. As some acts are intense in exhibition, you will certainly join the crowd saying “ohhhh” with some acrobatic flares from the cast.

Since Newsies was based in New York, the actors had to adapt the accent of the old New York City. We must say that they were spot-on into the accent and highly adapted to bring you like in another place.

Overall, Disney’s Newsies is definitely something you should watch to support the local theater industry. With the level of detail in the production, you’ll be more than proud to clap through every set until the finale that deserves a standing ovation.

You still have 7 days to watch Disney’s Newsies. Date shows are July 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 for Php2,090 pesos at ticketnet.  All shows starts at 8PM where you have to be inside 7:30PM to enjoy the good seats.

Lastly, just a tip that the chairs are orchestra type and it elevates every two rows. We highly suggest seating at rows A, C, E, G, I, J, L, N, Q and S to get a more clear view. Prepare a bottle of water and enjoy the show.

Credit to MJ de Leon of for sharing some of the photos