DJMAX RESPECT to Hit the Shelves on July 28

    Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that DJMAX RESPECT, a rhythm action game for PlayStation®4 (PS4™) developed by Korean developer Neowiz Co., Ltd., will be released on July 28 on Blu-ray disc at a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of PHP 2,499 and supports Korean, English and Traditional Chinese (by Patch).

     DJMAX RESPECT is a title that connects the long history and future of the DJMAX franchise, which was first introduced on console platforms in 2006. Boasting a massive volume at a total of 140 songs, it contains all tracks from DJMAX Portable 1 and DJMAX Portable 2, along with exclusive new sounds from legendary composers.

    This latest title features an ONLINE mode that allows gamers to play with DJMAX players around the world around via a network connection, and players can enjoy the game in many ways by choosing from a variety of modes, including ARCADE, FREE STYLE, and MISSION. In addition, players can easily compare their own performance with a detailed ranking system that offers three individual categories such as Master Ranking, Music Ranking, and Arcade Ranking.

     Product Overview

    Platform PlayStation®4
    Release Date July 28, 2017
    Price Blu-ray disc (SRP): PHP 2,499
    Supported Subtitle Languages Korean, English, Traditional Chinese
    (Patch required to use Traditional Chinese)

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