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We always want to have a comfort food restaurant, something that explodes with flavor and even literally comforts us in bad times or adds value to celebrations. Perhaps that restaurant will be Don Andres Peruvian Kitchen which is located in Sgt.Esguerra Quezon City near ABS-CBN.

Don Andrews is a Peruvian inspired restaurant, honestly we rarely see these kind of food restaurants in the metro so we were really glad to be invited to review the restaurant.

Here are the dishes that they mainly serve


For appetizer we had the Pulpo Al Olivo, these sliced squids are cooked in citrus juice and dressed up herbs and a few spices. The slices are eaten with saltine crackers (Sky Flakes) and a dip of their Botija Sauce. When the three are eaten together, it balances the acid from the citrus while the squid’s taste still remains for a taste preparing you for Peruvian food.

Pulpo Al Olivo – Squid

Main Dishes

For the main dishes, we were surprised with the flavors surrounding us ranging from different kinds of meats and either spicy, sweet or sour.

The Pescado Ala Macho is their front seafood dish composed of a fish fillet smothered with light spicy sauce with Aji Panca red pepper, cream and red wine. As a result, the fish fillet is slightly spicy kicking your taste buds, the fillet is perfectly cooked for a satisfying texture and paired with either lemon or lime you can add more sensation to the dish.

Pescado Ala Macho

The Brochetas De Lomo is our favorite dish that night, this dish is composed of beef tenderloin skewers with bell pepper onions and fries. The Beef was tender and juicy dressed in sauce, along with the onions and tomatoes give it a powerful and aromatic taste. Surprisingly the paired egg and french fries balances the taste especially with the onions sometimes overpowering the sauce. Overall the different kind of flavors in one dish definitely gives anyone curiosity in how to eat it properly, but in our case…any way is the best way.

Brochetas De Lomo

Filipinos love rice, so they serve the Arroz Con Mejilones. This unique rice dish is composed of mixed rice (Vegetables like carrorts, meat, green peas) along with mussles simmered in wine sauce.

Arroz Con Mejilones

As tradition in Peruvian food we were served with Inca Cola, this lemon grass based soda is a perfect drink to drown down the powerful tastes.


Dessert always gives us the smile and Don Andres didn’t disappoint us at all with their unique based desserts.

These cute Alfajores are mood setters, their milky shortbread is still crunchy at the outside while maintaining a soft layer inside for a satisfying bite. Inside is a Dulce de Leche filling that is not too sweet, givng the caramel taste the spotlight of the dish.


Next is the Picarones, a special doughnut made to be crispy and sprinkled with powdered sugar. These crunchy doughnut is best eaten with their Dulce de Leche, overall they are soft and crunchy to enjoy and can definitely fill your sweet tooth.


Lastly was the Tres Leches, composed of a sponge cake with cream on top and dulce de leche. The best part is the three kinds of milk where the cake is placed, it gives the sweet cake taste an additional taste of milk that definitely brings back childhood memories. We liked the cake drowned in milk for a wet sponge taste.

Tres Leches

Servings in Don Andres is around 2-3 persons per dish, so make sure to bring a buddy or order conservatively when alone. Definitely Don Andres is a new playground for your taste buds to play around with all the dishes we experienced and we are truly going back for more.

How much do they cost? Well we could say average cost for a group of 3-4 is around Php1,000. Not bad at all for a very filling meal and unique food restaurant.

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