DTI investigates the Shopee BLACKPINK Event Fiasco

    The Department of Trade and Industry is now investigating the recent worldwide trending #ShopeeScam fiasco. The incident took place last Thursday, June 6 which is the same day as the company’s biggest celebration day for their lowest price sale.

    Several ticket winners for the BLACKPINK June 6th meet and greet reported and poured their anger online especially on twitter their experiences of their ticked dishonored by Shopee and retracted the winning notifications. The ticket winners are part of Shopee’s list of top spenders who reportedly spending minimum 20k to even 100k+ in the worth of items in the e-commerce platform.

    Additionally, speculations of removed tickets are allocated to influencers and celebrities that were invited by Shopee to witness the event. The hashtag #ShopeeScam trended worldwide last June 6th with the whole KPOP community pouring anger towards Shopee for mishandling the event and not delivering to their promises.

    In the company’s official statement, they admitted the flaws of their event to the participant of their contests which are winners of (1) ticket for meet & greet last June 6th.

    Dear Shopee users and BLACKPINK fans,
    We would like to sincerely apologize for the issues involving the Shopee x BLACKPINK meet-and-greet today in Manila.
    We hear your feedback loud and clear, and we understand that the event fell short of the high standards that Shopee users and BLACKPINK fans expect.
    Although we took immediate steps as soon as we discovered the problems to ensure the rightful winners of our contest could claim their prizes, we know that the entire process caused confusion, disappointment, and upset for many.
    We are reaching out to all those affected by this issue, and we are also taking steps to ensure that such an incident does not occur again in the future.
    – Shopee team

    The DTI mentioned that a minimum of 10 complaints was reported regarding the promo, including the move of the mechanics date to an earlier date from the original mechanics of June 1st announcement. Additionally, Shopee may be forced to refund the customers proven guilty and even penalized up to Php300,000 per complaint proven they committed a deceitful sale.

    Additionally, this isn’t the first incident of Shopee towards changing the rules of their event mechanics. Anger also poured to Shopee with their recent Sarah Geronimo event where attendees and ticket winners also experienced mishap in the seating and ticket allocations.

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