Duterte resorts to Crowdfunding with Inspiration Cards – Hungry Geeks

The Duterte camp resorts to crowdfunding by issuing scratch cards that will serve as a source of campaign funds. The scract card will have PIN number at the back which the contributor sends along with his name and address via SMS to a gateway number to register his/her contribution to the system. This will make the contribution traceable as the system acknowledges the amount of funding given and gives more transparency to where funding came from – a new way of crowdfunding, this time for election purposes.

Scratch cards are in denomination of 25Php, 50Php, 100Php, and 500Php. PVC cards denomination range from 1000Php, 5000Php, 10000Php, 50000Php, 100000Php and 500000Php.

A first in Philippine elections history, Duterte’s Crowdfunding cards might be very useful to at least closely represent voters that will choose the Davao mayor as president in the coming election. Cards will be distributed through regional coordinators that will be distributed widely with municipal and barangay coordinators to campaign organizations; with 70% of the proceeds going to campaign operations while 20% will be remitted to the Mindanao Campaign HQ and 10% to the national HQ.

Some say that this Crowdfunding style is a near sight of how Duterte’s Federalism will work if he gets elected to power. Images are also saying to keep the card on hand for funders as it may help you get an invite to victory parties if Durterte wins the presidency.




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