Dyson to Double Your Phone's Battery Life – Hungry Geeks

A UK company known for vaccum cleaners, Dyson, has announced today that the company is funding a project to create a new battery that will double everyone’s smartphone battery life for a whooping amount of $15 million.

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The project is being spearheaded by a Michigan-based company called Sakit3, they are known for their battery innovations. These new lithium-ion batteries are being developed and enhanced with a solid-state technology so they could store twice the energy as the batteries commonly found in smartphones today. Sakit3 assured that this project is safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly for everyone including consumers and manufacturers.

Battery life is one of the main factors in choosing a smartphone and it is very essential to us. With the fast-paced advancement of technology and added features in smartphones, this will need a more enhanced development in batteries. If this project succeeds, it will certainly be an innovation for smartphones and tablets.

We don’t know when this project will be release or whether it will be a success. But this is a good effort for Dyson to create a new and improved standard on smartphone batteries.



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