“Edi Sa Puso Mo”: Top Employer In The Philippines – Hungry Geeks

According to Facebook, the social media research company and popular dating app developer “Edi Sa Puso Mo” was recently proclaimed top employer in the Philippines.

Edi Sa Puso Mo board of directors

Chief Executive Officer Jay Jay Mon attended in awards ceremony last night in Paranaque City. He also got an award entitled “CEO of the Year” by the CPCA (Commision on Philippine Corporate Achievements).

“I keep my employees very happy enough for them to proudly state in their social media that they work at Edi Sa Puso Mo”, Mon said proudly in his acceptance speech.

According to Facebook, the company has around 70% of Philippine population who has Facebook employed in the said company. All of them came from top schools in the world like Harvard and Standford University.

This is the first company to beat Apple, Google, and Microsoft for the first time in ages, and they are still coming in hot.

After Edi Sa Puso Mo, sister-company “Sa Puso Mo” came in 2nd place followed by “Hogwarts” and “Bikini Bottom” competing for third.


Note, this is also an April Fools joke for Jejemons out there



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