Enjoy 30% cheaper fares by car-pooling with GrabShare – Hungry Geeks

Grab offers competitive pricing with their Grab Car service, but if your budget is still tight then we suggest the new GrabShare. If you don’t mind the extra time on the road, you can use GrabShare to share your ride / destination with two other persons.

Grab Share is 30% cheaper than booking Grab Car, it will match (1) one more booking according to your destination. What’s good about Grab Share is that only two books are allowed per car, that’s less destinations to pickup and drop as compared to direct competitor Uber.

This means, only up to (2) two bookings of (2) persons each can join one car. So GrabShare is designed for pairs or couples, if you need more then just book Grab Car. This shortens the time for drivers picking up customers and ultimately saving gas with a friend.



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