Epic Games Store Free Games For December 2020

Epic Games Store December 2020 Free Games

Epic Games store is confirmed to again launch a campaign to provide free games to PC gamers this December 2020. Just like last year, players can get a new game by simply logging in and pressing 2 buttons. You can check out the sale here. This page will be continuously updated once news of the free games have been confirmed.

This can be seen as a bid for players to stay longer on their storefront, pulling them away from Steam, the current leading PC games storefront. Of course, more time in Epic Games Store browsing games can lead to more sales. And probably a bit of brand loyalty. Either way, discounts and free games are without question a boon to PC gamers.

Epic Games Free Games For December 2020

These games are only available for 24 hours once they are up. Don’t forget to add them and check them out everyday. Free is free. If you are able to add them to cart and purchase them for the sweet price of 0, you get to keep them forever (or until Epic Games wants you to).

Date Games Release Year
Metacritic Score (PC ver.)
12/18 Cities Skylines 2015 85
12/19 Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty 2017 87
12/20 The Long Dark 2017 77
12/21 Defense Grid: The Awakening 2008 81
12/22 Alien Isolation 2014 81
12/23 Metro 2033 Redux 2014 90
12/24 Tropico 5 2014 75
12/25 Inside 2016 87
12/26 Darkest Dungeon 2016 84
12/27 My Time At Portia 2019 73
12/28 Night in the Woods 2017 88
12/29 Stranded Deep 2020 64
12/30 Solitairica 2016 n/a
12/31 Torchlight 3 2020 65
1/1 Jurassic World Evolution 2018 69

Clues Are On The Teaser

epic games sale clue
An icon in the image changes everyday, a clue to what the next game will be.

If you have a knack for solving things, you can take a shot by looking at the image posts on the Epic Games Home page. They change everyday and in them you can find a clue that points out to what the next game would be. It can be exciting if you’re into these kind of things but if not, you can just wait for 24 hours for the release.

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Going Live

The Epic Games Store Christmas 2020 sale, together with the start of the free games, is set to start at exactly December 17, 12mn to January 7.