Epson laser projectors shows of their innovation at Epson Regional Laser Projection Showcase 2019

    Epson’s latest laser projectors showed off their creative application at Epson’s Regional Laser Projection Showcase 2019 in a projection mapping performance at Siam Museum.

    In variety of environments at the showcase, Epson laser projectors highlighted its creative deployment to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and create new experiences for play.

    In a fashion designer workshop, the designer and corporate team are able to communicate and receive feedback from each other via the Moverio smart glasses and KDDI Augmeted Reality Recognition software remotely. Designs are given feedback through annotating on an ultrawide 177-inch interactive panoramic screen, which consisted of two EB-1470Ui projectors.

    Production showroom showcases how the designs are printed on an apron. Users and designers are able to work on their design via a customized app on tablets by using customized designs and templates. Epson’s LightScene laser projector is able to view the design’s look on the apron through a projection before sending it for printing.

    In the retail showroom, an interactive virtual fitting room using an ultra-short throw interactive projector allows customers to try different clothing designs even before purchase.

    Employees, meanwhile, are invited to relax at the bar counter with interactive visual effects courtesy of the Epson EB-L610U laser projector. The staff can work out on a bike in a health cave with several different landscapes with the projector.

    To allow further relaxation, employees are also able to watch the big screen with the EH-LS100 ultra-short throw home laser projector, which can project up to 100-inches at a distance of only 26cm.

    Aside from the workshops and showroom, Epson boasted the capabilities of their projectors by projection mapping on the Siam Museum weaves of visual tapestry of Thai culture. This was done thanks to two Epson EB-L25000U with ELPLU05 lenses. Designed for flexibility, the projector is able to produce 25,000 lumens of color and white brightness at a contrast ratio of more than 2,500,000:1.

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