Epson outs EF-100 compact projectors for the home cinema experience

    Since we can’t watch movies in cinemas anymore this pandemic, Epson has released two new compact projectors that will simulate the experience within the comfort of your own home.

    Epson EF-100B.

    The Epson EF-100 series, composed of the EF-100B and EF-100W, only measures at 23cm and weighs in at 2.7kg making them small and portable. Despite their diminutive size, these projectors can project up to 150-inches in size with 360-degree flexibility allowing you to create your own private theater in your home.

    Epson EF-100W.

    The EF-100 series can project up to 2,000 lumens with high contrast ratio allowing you to experience rich and vivid images. Its laser light source only need replacing after 20,000 hours of usage. They’re easy to replace as well since they are mercury-free, which means that no specialist handling is needed.

    If you’re interested in building your own home theater to get a true cinematic experience, you can check out the Epson EF-100 projectors via their official website.

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