To solve the ever increasing problem of traffic in the Philippines, eSakay’s electric vehicle fleet will be serving one of the busiest commuting routes between Makati and Mandaluyong.

eSakay, an end-to-end transport solutions provider, will help address the country’s snowballing transportation concerns and help the Department of Transportation’s gradual shift in its 2017 Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

Starting this year, eSakay’s 15 eJeeps will provide transportation services from Buendia MRT Station to Mandaluyong City Hall via Jupiter Street developmental route.

These modern eJeeps are 100% electric emission free, compliant with PUV innovations for the convenience and safety of the riding public. They are equipped with side entrances, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS tracking systems, CCTV cameras, an automated fare collection system, and USB ports so passengers can charge their devices while on-the-go.

“This project is just one of many steps in our efforts to spur EV adoption, as we work towards a common goal of nation-building, sustainable growth and inclusive development. With this route, we, at eSakay, hope to prove the viability of electric vehicles and inspire other operators to follow suit,” said Meralco Vice President Raymond B. Ravelo at the unveiling.