EXO Smashes Philippine Concert Sales Record with 2 day Performance – Hungry Geeks

Fandom for KPOP has grew significantly in the Philippines within the past 5 years. As the author of this article is one of who established what is Philippine KPOP is today, I can definitely say that the recent EXO concert is one of the milestones for Philippine KPOP history. With the ticket sales sold out on the 1st day last December 13, 2015, it was a sign that this would be a hit.

Fortunately last December 19, 2015 at the 7th Philippine KPOP Convention, it was announced that the EXO’luxion in Manila will have a 2nd day. This resulted to fans cheering and having a chance to watch their idols or perhaps even for the 2nd time.

Come January 23 it was finally time to see the whole EXO crew. Explosive performances started with famous songs such as “History” and “El Dorado”.

Unfortunately the whole crew is not able to perform with two members which are Xiumin and Kai due to injuries. And Lay having prior commitments in other countries. Still the remaining members of EXO give their best performance and still delivered world class performance for all.

Fortunately the internet inside was provided by Globe with their internet speeds reaching almost 75mbps in upload, plus the connection was free for all so it was really fast and reliable. Definitely a better solution than connecting to your LTE connection and wasting more battery rather than taking more fan-videos.  

Incredible performances was shown with the songs of EXO, the best one we saw is their laser lights display.

Finishing the show was their encore performance singing “Unfair” and “Sing for You”. Of course ending a KPOP show won’t be spectacular without confetti, so we are glad to see fans united as one and delivering a silver ocean.

Of course what’s wonderful in witnessing KPOP Concerts is how fans are united as one. Delivering fan chants and singing the lyrics of their idol’s songs. Beyond being a fan, it’s amazing how more than 15,000 people were chanting “We are One’ (Exo’s main chant) to show gratitude to fans and fans to exo.

And that’s it! We would like to thank Pulp Live World for delivering another world class KPOP Concert in the Philippines and to Globe Telecom for providing us passes to this milestone concert in the Philippines.



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