Facebook is working on a Dislike button – Hungry Geeks

During a question and answer session at Facebook Headquarters, CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially stated that they are planning to publicly test a Dislike button on the most popular social media website Facebook.

This is not the first time that Zuckerberg is saying this as last time he said he was considering alternatives to “liking” something but this is the very first time that he said that it will be a “Dislike” button.

He stated that they are finding a way not to give too much negativity like the way YouTube use it’s thumbs down button and they are making sure that it will be about “expressing empathy” to the post.

Over the past few years, many Facebook users are suggesting and demanding to have another alternatives to the “like” button to give more feelings about a post. They suggested the dislike button, the don’t care button and even the middle finger button. With that said, it’s quite possible that the company is working on a wider options for reactions aside from simple likes and dislikes.

We may expect Facebook to begin public testing soon and it will be officially rolled out if everyone is happy about the change.



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