Facebook will now show uninterruptable ads in the middle of your video – Hungry Geeks

Seems Facebook is now starting to become like Youtube bit by bit. Recently they implemented music copyright claims which disable sections of music if found violating copyright rules. 

Now, while watching videos from Facebook, we encountered this video ad interrupting our video at 1:00. A video advertisment from AccorHotels showed up and played a 15sec video. 

The video we were watching clocked at 2:30 and fortunately it didn’t happen on the 2nd minute. 

Seems we will encounter this more in the future and we are surely aren’t going to like it but Facebook will surely be. Surely this is one of their efforts to further drive growth and advertising profits for the site. 

In our honest opinion, we don’t like this interruptions as it only angers / annoys the customer, rather than having an engaging ad. So to marketers out there, time to get innovative again in how to overcome this. 

For now we encountered this to iOS and not yet in Android or desktop. Let us know if you encountered the same and tell us how you feel about it. 



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