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To celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Bethesda is giving away the first Fallout (1997) for free on Steam until tomorrow, at about 07:00am GMT+8. Once you download it, you can keep it FOREVER.

Here’s the link.

Though I doubt that a lot would love Fallout’s classic isometric approach to RPG, the story is still worth investing. This is where the franchise started and boomed, spawning a sequel just a year after in Fallout 2, one of the most beloved games in PC RPG history. In the hands of the original developer, the franchise became popular due its take on alternate history and post-apocalyptic society.

The requirements are incredibly light given the jump in PC technology, letting this be a good game to compliment your under-equipped work/travel laptop. Fallout is a game known for its branching storyline and it surely would make every playthrough a meaningful personal tale.

Hope we just get an announcement of a developing Fallout game in the hands of Obsidian, the developers of Fallout: New Vegas, most of which are composed of the original creators prior to the sale to Bethesda.



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