Features That Will Be Removed From Windows 10 – Hungry Geeks

Windows 10 is just around the corner and even though there is no need to immediately upgrade from 8.1, or even the most stable 7, chances are you’ll want try it out and jump in eventually. But before you click that update button, you better check out the Windows 10 feature deprecation section, to make sure that your favorite features will still be there.

That chances of having driver incompatibilities and unsupported hardware and software are a given, but what can sometimes catch you off your guard is when the main features are removed from the operating system itself.

Probably the most important feature being removed is the Windows Media Center, but be careful as it is not the only one being removed. Check these out:

If you noticed, most them are not so drastic and important, although if you love those desktop gadgets featured in Windows 7, you might want to hold back from upgrading to Windows 10 – until we find some replacements. We expect that more people will be put out by the loss of our most favorite Windows feature, the Solitaire.



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