Fewer pre-installed apps for new Android Phones – Hungry Geeks

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Good news for everyone who has OCD problems with their Android Smartphones – Android Central just reported that Google will now lessen the requirements on which apps are permanently and initially installed on new smartphones. It means that some of Google’s services like Google+, Google Play Games, Google Play Books, and Google Newsstand will no longer come pre-installed on new Android smartphones. Also note that they started with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, as it didn’t have Google+ pre-installed with it.

Not only does pre-installed apps from Google and different smartphone companies take up those large and valuable storage space and memory, it also takes away the preferred apps on the part of the consumer. But keep in mind that even though there will be less bloatware from Google, smartphone companies will still have their own pre-installed apps if you buy their phone. We only hope that smartphone companies will follow Google’s steps for a bloatware-free world.




When it comes to breaking records, expect Samsung to be on the edge (haha, get it?). According to Korea Times interview with an anonymous…

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