The Fiber Master Race – Who gets into your house first?

    Yes, Fiber internet is finally becoming more available in the Metro Manila and major cities, though it’s still expanding slow due to the long processing of government papers and approvals. The demand / clamor for better internet than copper is much needed, ourselves included is limited by the pesky 1mbps UPLOAD speed of copper cables. In result, our productivity as a blogger and video editor has been hindered by old technology.

    Free WiFi provided in NAIA Terminal 3

    Fortunately, a small player in the Fiber technology Converge ICT is bringing competition to the two giants Globe and PLDT. Their fast layout of Fiber cable in both residential and commercial establishments posed as a threat and even offers unlimited data in all of their plans. This resulted for better competition in the Fiber arena and all offered their golden plans, we will explain why.

    Converge ICT


    2016 when Converge’s aggressive Fiber plans are same or cheaper than the competition, their Plan 1500 offers 20mbps of speed with no add-ons. Their plan is to provide Fiber internet and that’s it.

    Globe Broadband 


    Globe Broadband offers either 15mbps via the copper DSL connection or 20Mbps Fiber connection. Now the pricing is technically weird as you’re getting less speed for a technology that is older (Copper DSL) as compared to the symmetrical download and upload of Fiber. Good thing with Globe Broadband is their free content such as Netflix, HOOQ, NBA and more. But do take note that 150GB is your monthly allocation with fees if you want to add more.

    PLDT Fibr

    Yes, Fibr (That’s how they call their Fiber). PLDT moved into action by providing a more improved Plan 1899, this was an improvement from the old 50mbps but with 80gb data allocation. The plan is unlimited and comes with free iFlix and Fox Networks group access.


    In all of these Fiber plans, all of them are great and finally closing the gap to old DSL. Sooner or later we will have more locations for Fiber as the demand is getting bigger. Among the three providers, PLDT is the only one that divulges their availability of installation through a list of streets with Fiber technology. Globe and Converge, on the other hand, needs your address through a call or email to verify availability, based on our experience you won’t get a reply if you email.


    In the end, Fiber internet is still limited in areas due to that they are needed to be buried underground instead of the usual over cable posts setup with DSL. This makes it very challenging to ISP providers to get permits in government agencies or even condos and townhouses as it will interfere with their everyday work flow.

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