Fight for your flavor with limited Mountain Dew Flavors – Hungry Geeks

Mountain Dew will definitely hit you with your childhood until today, the sweet and citrus flavor hits the spot every time. Recently, the brand introduced two new flavors which are the Livewire and Blue Shock. With flavors of orange and raspberry citrus flavor respectively, these two limited-edition flavors are here to fight for your vote.

Until October 31, 2016 vote for your flavor of choice from #DewLiveWire or #DewBlueShock, by posting on Instagram of twitter the hashtags along with the Mountain dew product. You can go to your local supermarkets to try out the products yourself.

In our experience with both flavors, they are definitely a new taste for mountain dew but our heart goes for the #DewBlueShock cause of its Raspberry flavor is more unique and exciting.

But don’t just take our word for it, we guarantee a unique flavor experience with the two. Vote now and you can also get prizes weekly and even get a chance to win a brand new Pick-Up on the grand finals! Visit for more details.



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