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iPhone cases are EVERYWHERE and that is not an exaggerated expression. We Filipinos admittedly that we love to protect our phone with screen protectors, case, and even pouch.

We tend to invest in the wrong accessory as our budget might be thin. In my case of getting my iPhone 7 Plus, I bought the most affordable iPhone case for Php990 with 2 screen protectors included.

Getting 2pcs of screen protector and case for less than 1k is a great deal, but unfortunately in less than 2 days of using it…our friend noticed that the case cracked near the camera area.

Case weak spots

Unfortunately, this is a weak spot for most iPhone cases and we were too naive to check for quality over price cause its price is too good to be true. We might have a screen protector, but we could have bought one separately for around 200 pesos.

Not to be fooled again, we got did some research for affordable cases and found this Verus Crystal Mixx for Php980 pesos. It’s transparent to show off our iPhone 7 Matte (hehehe) and still functional.

The sides are made of transparent soft “jelly-like” plastic, it also covers the front and back with a layer lip to avoid scratching.

The back is a hard plastic that is transparent, it’s completely clear to display either the phone or slide off calling cards for quick keeping. Just a reminder to keep the inner plastic clean of fingerprints, as its quite fingerprint prone.

Overall built is good, its very durable and gives you a peace of mind that your phone is protected properly.

The Verus Clear Mixx is the most affordable case we found, but there are more cases available at which where we got our case. Our order of the Clear Mixx case was delivered in less than 3 days (P80 Metro Manila delivery, P110 province), pretty convenient overall.

Because of our hasty decision of buying an affordable case, we ended up spending 2x more since the 1st one has very low quality. Due to this, we learned our lesson and make sure to check (the label?) and compare products properly.

So next time you buy an accessory for your phone or gadget, you might wanna do research and always think of quality over price. It won’t hurt as well to check websites like for affordable and quality accessories for your gadgets.



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