Find Your Smartphone With Your Android Wear – Hungry Geeks

Losing your smartphone can really be a hassle if you are on a hurry for something and need to go out immediately. But soon enough you won’t worry about that, Google now has a nifty feature that lets you find your phone with your android wear. All thanks to an update coming soon on the Android Device Manager application.

Using the feature is very easy, you’ll just have to say “Ok Google. Start. Find my phone” or you can manually select the “Find my phone” option located in the start menu to find your lost device on the spot as it rings at full blast.

Compared to Apple’s Find My iPhone app, the only limitation here is that your device needs to be connected and within the bluetooth range. It’s not that really disheartening because the range is enough to cover your whole house in case you lost it there.

Google stated that the update will be released to all Android wear users over the next few weeks.



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