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In my 5 years of wearing wearable technology devices such as smart watches, Fitbit is one of the most dependable devices I have used. From my first Fitbit with some issues to the more dependable Charge HR 2 that I lost due to a loose strap.

Welcome the Fitbit Versa, a lighter and less in size as compared to the Fitbit Iconic. It’s less masculine to become more gender neutral and delivers more customization through interactive wallpapers and mini-interactive backgrounds. 

Spending more than 3 weeks for the Fitbit Versa is actually a great experience. Coming from the Charge HR 2, the Versa solved a lot of concerns I had with interaction and details. But since this is now a colored display, it also brought some issues down the road.

Fit and Build

I used the small strap in the package, there is also a large strap provided in the package. Eliminating Fitbit’s concerns for different sizes such as S, M, L from the Charge series. The strap is a light gray rubber with adequate width for the small touchscreen AMOLED display.

Colors are good, with proper accuracy and good details to photos. The touchscreen is accurate with three buttons primarily for navigation and bringing up notifications.

As compared to before, the strap is removable when needed and can be replaced with other designs. It’s nice that the strap this time is less in texture and more smooth, actually I prefer it as compared to the textured one on the previous Fitbit.

The screen is made of strong glass, but unfortunately not invincible. You can see below a hurtful scratch I got when the watch hit the weights in the gym. I advise you to put a screen protector in day 1 to avoid these from happening.

Overall, the weight of the Versa is unbelievably light. Sometimes I wonder if I am even wearing it, honestly its something even lighter than the Charge HR 2. At most times, especially in intense workout sessions will give you the impression that it’s not even there at all.

Usage and features

Details like step rankings can now be seen on the unit as compared to always opening your app. Small things that are great to see more frequently, though it would be nice if there is more for the sleep tracking part.

Good navigation and sensors

Going around the Versa is very easy, visuals are also rich for better interaction. The type of exercise available is a bit less than what I used in the Charge HR, but its more optimized this time.

Heart Rate is also near to accuracy as compared to the gym equipment in my gym. In my recent exercises, knowing my heart rate was important especially the peak and idle as its a sign of my hemoglobin count. Having a 95-105 idle heartbeat is technically bad as it should be less than 90.

Apps and Sync

Opening the app automatically syncs the data of the Versa, but whats not that great is that the app is dependent in how responsive the Versa. Meaning even if you are using the phone’s app, you’ll have to wait for the watch to finish loading before continuing.

Not really a big deal, you just need patience for better sync. Just make sure to connect the Versa to the Wi-Fi for a faster update of software and apps.

No Wireless Payment

One feature of the Fitbit Versa is the wireless tap to pay feature, unfortunately, it’s not a technology available in the Philippines. It’s quite similar to Android or Apple Pay, where instead of bringing out a card will instead be your Versa to tap into the terminal.

One app available in the store is a barcode maker, I tried copying a barcode of my Starbucks code but unfortunately, it is too long for the screen. It ended up being undetectable in my everyday Starbucks branch. Though in the US, they have a dedicated Starbucks app to pay via the Fitbit Versa.

Summaries and reports

Aside from the app, a weekly summary is also available via your email address to keep you on-track without opening the Fitbit app. This is ideal to check your progress on a weekly basis, as you can see that my sleep isn’t really that adequate with less than 5 hours on average.

Other features

The Versa can also be an independent music streamed via Bluetooth. It has 4GB of internal storage to store music but since we are more of a Spotify country, this isn’t really utilized in my time with the Versa.


There are some sync problems from time to time, especially if the Bluetooth signal is interrupted by other signals like radio equipment. This results to a loss in sync and clock error, but its nothing to worry about as its just a simple on and off.

On the first two weeks will results in adjustment of your skin in the heart rate monitor. Some skin irritation is expected, make sure that the watch is wiped dry before wearing it to lessen it.


To conclude, the Versa is a great jump from my experience with the Charge HR 2. Its more interactive, more flexible and motivates me in my fitness goals. Though the mobile payment could have been a great opportunity to try, its just a matter of country adaptation.

Its ridiculously light, appropriate in looks both sports, casual and even semi-formal events. Battery life is around 4 days, which is nice for notifications in select apps you need the most like calendar, Instagram, social media apps and more.

Given the opportunity, I rather choose the Fitbit Versa as its more focused in fitness than connectivity. A strength that is within Fitbit since the beginning, also there are more friends within the Fitbit network and I appreciate that to get me motivated among my friends.

Price wise, the Fitbit Versa is a bit expensive at Php13,890, but the flexible apps management and ultralight weight is definitely an edge I would recommend for you. Also, there is a Special Edition for only Php15,990, featuring a more rugged and edgy charcoal woven strap. 

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