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To sum it all up, all of the phones included on the title are the flagship mobile phones that are claiming the top spot for market share. To be fair, the iPhone 6-es, the S6-es, the Zenfone 2 and the LG G4 are all top of mind flagship phones that are currently on my list for my next phone. So, here’re my findings and how each phone fares in a specific criteria:


For budget-conscious consumers. It is a unanimous yay for the Zenfone 2. The cheapest of the variants comes at a 9,995 price tag and the most expensive will only set you back 14,995Php for a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.  If you have enough dough on your pocket, you may prefer to ride the Apple bus with the iPhone 6 Plus retailing for 35K to 45K; and if you prefer an android mobile phone, you may also check out the S6 edge.

Winner: Zenfone 2

Screen size

Screen size is a big factor in choosing a mobile phone. I feel that the S6 line is a bit to small for my liking providing only a 5.1″ screen, and the iPhone 6 a mere 4.7″. The Zenfone 2, the LG G4 and the 6 plus provides a 5.5″ screen so for multimedia/entertainment heavy users. These 3 might be something to consider in buying your next flagship phone. What I dont’ like about the Zenfone 2 is it still has an additional branding under the screen of the phone where the back, home, and other buttons, are also located. I’ve never been a fan of Apple’s one home button, and I’ve always liked what LG has accomplished with a full screen view of what’s happening on your phone.

Screen size-wise, the LG G4 has my vote.

Winner: LG G4

Performance in Usage

Me and the team here in HG have yet to benchmark these phones. Yet we can get a rough estimate or an idea perhaps, of how they fare based on their positioning and specifications.The iPhone has a 1GB RAM but since applications for Apple are carefully made with the company’s rules and regulations, most, if not all, will run smoother than its Google Play counter part. On the other hand, the S6 and the S6 edge, as well as the LG G4 is running with 3GB RAM that should be sufficient for Android users. The Zenfone 2, however, is equipped with 4GB RAM that could be a great deal for powerusers.

We feel that for performance, Zenfone 2 might be the top choice, while Apple’s iPhone may still be the smoothest because of the closed-loop protection it provides for app developers.

Winner: Zenfone 2

Battery Life

The iPhone 6 only packs a 1,810 mAH while the 6 plus version gets an upgrade of 2915mAH. Samsung S6 is a bit stingy, as a mere 2550 mAH is found and a tad bit stronger 2600mAH is found inside the S6 Edge. This is where Zenfone 2 again stood out as it has a 3000mAH battery on the back; the deal breaker is that it does not have a removable battery. The LG G4, on the other hand holds the same 3000mAH battery, removable, and with the pre-order promotion, gives you additional battery, a battery case and an extra charger.

The LG G4 should topple everyone in terms of battery life; but because of its screen size, and QHD screen we might give the Zenfone 2 and the LG G4 a draw.

Winner: Zenfone 2/LG G4


There was a time where when boredom strikes, we looked outside of hour house and play with our neighbours. Those are not our times. This variable is only played by the iOS and the Android. Unanimously, we find Android more enjoyable when there is nothing else to do; but Apple has a cleaner and better app store so it is really hard to pick which could beat the other.

Luckily, Android has more things for customization which gives it a bit more positive outlook and open opportunities than than Apple.

Winner: LG G4/ Samsung S6 and S6 Edge/ Zenfone 2


This is a tad bit technical. While most would say that Apple’s 8MP camera is solid for a DSLR replacement, many are eyeing android phones as the best mobile phone camera. Specifically, the Samsung, and the LG phones; but what about the Zenfone 2? The Zenfone 2 is readily equipped with a 13 MP with f/2.0 aperture. Zenfone 2 also comes with a low light mode that even defeats the great camera of Apple. The S6 and the S6 edge; as well as the LG G4, comes with a 16MP primary camera, LG G4 however has a f/1.4 aperture and a 8MP front facing camera which topples all the phones listed before it. Aside from the what we have mentioned, the LG G4 could be switched to manual mode, could shoot images under RAW file, and has a laser autofocus feature.

Winner: LG G4

Resell Value

With brands looking to fully saturate the market and above that, get more than half the pie of the mobile phone market. 6 months might be the maximum time frame a flagship mobile phone could reap its joys and cash margins.  So how about the resell value of each phone once consumers reached “I have to upgrade my phone” stage?

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will still have the edge when it comes to resell value. This comes as a no surprise as it is still an aspirational product and a status symbol for most. Samsung’s S6 and S6 edge might come next, then the LG G4 and last for the Zenfone 2. Zenfone 2 gives all the hints out to buyers to purchase a brand new Zenfone 2 with its aggressive pricing and good to great specifications. Zenfone 2 will have a very minimal resell value; while for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look forward to it having above half of the price still being sold around as its 2nd its second iteration (iPhone 6s) is released in the market.

Winner: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Showing off your brand new phone might not be as glamorous as showing off your brand new car; nevertheless; it is still something worth showing off. This should be a battle of how it would fair in one jeepney ride from Monumento to Recto; without a doubt, an iPhone 6 or a 6 plus would be the first of the four that would be snatched from your pocket or from your bag. The Edge would probably come second, and either a Zenfone 2 or an LG G4 would come next. The iPhone 6 design seems to be the best of all the the flagship phones on this article. It is large, sleek, and has that Apple logo we all aspire for. The S6 Edge takes pride on its screen and thin form factor which snatchers and robbers might be aware of. LG G4 would flaunt its leather clad back where black-hearted people might like. The Zenfone 2, although bedazzled with a metallic finish, is still far from achieving a “mainit-sa-mata” design because of a very thick build, thick bezel, and unappreciated copy of its volume buttons at the back from LG.

Winner: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus



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