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In this fast-paced world, not being connected to the internet means not being able to share your experience, not being able to slightly work and answer a few emails on a brief vacation, and not being able to communicate back home for pasalubongs is a big No-No. Fortunately we got in touch with Flytpack and they were able to lend us a their pocket WiFi kit for a few days when we traveled to Hong Kong.

Flytpack Travel WiFi is a personal wireless modem that should connect any WiFi-enabled devices to the internet. If you are traveling anytime soon, and wants to avoid the trouble of purchasing local prepaid SIM cards or data roaming, then this might be a great solution for you. Flytpack Travel WiFi is also pre-configured to the country you will be exploring.

Oh right, before moving on – For booking this September, Flytpack is giving out a free 1 day rental for their WiFi device! This are for trips until November 30, 2016.

The Kit

The whole kit is packed nicely in a square pouch for easy packing. It comes with the following items:

  1. The WiFi Device
  2. A Travel Adapter – Which was very useful as Hong Kong followed a different 3 -pronged plug layout which is different and seldom used in the Philippines.
  3. A USB Cable
  4. And one-pager user manual

Some kits might differ, and some might include a power bank for the WiFi device, but for us it just comes with this four items. Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi itself carries around 5,000mAh of juice which lasted around 10 to 11 hours during our day-to-day usage.

Convenience and Internet Connection

The biggest question we asked before using the Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi was – Will it be reliable?

The answer is a BIG YES. We have traveled to other places before, and the problem of trying to find a local prepaid SIM card and configuring it is one of the most troublesome things you would be doing. Flytpack Travel WiFi fixes that, it was delivered to our Manila home 3 days before our trip. As soon as we arrived at the Hong Kong international Airport, we were able to turn the device on and was able to use it to navigate our way through public transport. It was fast and easy to use.

We had a 3G internet connection all throughout. The WiFi device worked from Hong Kong airport, MTR stations (which were under the streets), under buildings, and even distant tourist spots like HK Disneyland, the Cable Car spot (Ngong Ping 360). We never had a problem connecting to the internet. It almost never slowed down, and it also displayed our internet usage.

Going around Hong Kong is a lot of walking, so we just threw Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi on our backpack, and left everything back at the hotel. The 5000mAh battery was more than enough as we course through Hong Kong, while connecting 2 devices simultaneously to it  the whole day.

Was it Important?

Oh, it was very important.

Since we had it turned on from the moment we landed, we were able to send back message through our Viber accounts via Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi. They were also able to send back the list of items they want us to buy for them. Another useful use is being able to use Google Maps to navigate our way in the city. It was specifically important to know the distance and short cuts to save time, especially when looking for specific exits for the MTR and bus stops for Airport transfers.

Of course, since you are almost connected 24 hours, you can check up on emails for work, upload your travel experiences through social media, chat with your friends on messengers right there and then when things are actually happening.

Coverage, Pricing and Availability

If you are planning a trip soon. We highly recommend trying out Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi.

Below are the countries covered by their service and the daily data consumption allocation respectively. We were three in the group and we only managed to use up 200MB per day. That includes all of the social media activities, emails, a bit of downloads, a bit of multimedia consumption, application updates, and a lot of navigation.

Country Implication Daily Data Consumption Limit (Estimated)
Australia China Japan Malaysia South Korea


Slow Internet Speed 1GB Data Usage
Singapore Europe Hong Kong USA


Slow Internet Speed 500MB Data Usage

As of right now, Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi rental is available in most countries in the Asia Pacific including Guam, Maldives and Australia. Price ranges from Php 180 to Php 450 per day. If you are planning to travel from one country to another, they offer an Asia package of Php300 and Php 500 for a combination of Asia and Australia.

If you are going somewhere in the West, they charge Php550 a day in the United States, Europe and Canada.

If you need more information about Flytpack Travel Pocket WiFi, you may check them out at their website here, or visit their facebook page here.



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