Ford Philippines has retained their momentum this past July 2017 with an 8% year-over-year sales of 2,973 vehicles. The Everest SUV remains as the best-selling vehicle among Ford’s range with growth of 6% last year of 1,002 vehicles to 6,770 vehicles.

Courtesy of Ford.

Meanwhile, the Ranger jumped to 31% year-over-year from 916 vehicles. Year-to-date sales for the pickup have increased 18% to 5,512 vehicles on the road. This makes the Ranger the second-best selling pickup truck in the Philippines.

For compact SUVs, the Ford EcoSport also continues to improve sales figures with retail sales of 867 vehicles, which helps drive year-to-date up to 16% to 6,092 vehicles.

North American models of Ford have also contributed to the continued success of the brand. The Explorer SUV had sales of 85 vehicles, pushing its year-to-date sales up 3% to 636 vehicles. Mustangs are also performing with July sales of 42 vehicles that make its year-to-date sales up to 33% to 222 units.