Frostpunk Announces new FreeLC, “People and Automatons”

    Frostpunk can be said as one of those games that define 2018. With its chilly apocalyptic stage mercilessly gripping the world, coupled by its Steampunk setting, Frostpunk is a game worth owning (such is said in our review!). But success isn’t something that would stop the developers, 11 bit studios, from creating more for its fans. A new FreeLC, People and Automatons, adds more to the already robust vanilla game. And did we even forget to write that it’s FREE!?

    More on it in the Press Release below:

    While working on this update, we at 11 bit studios have spent hours on top of hours browsing through forums and comment sections on Frostpunk. Based on suggestions from our community, most of the features and changes implemented directly address those concerns — and because of that we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who are contributing there on daily basis. You do a great job! Without further delay, let’s take a look, at the new content;

    • Naming Characters and Automatons — You can now change the names of your people and automatons. This feature not only allows you to dive deeper into the in-game world, but will also help you while managing your city because from now on, you’ll be able to search for individuals (both men and machines) using given names.
    • New Visuals — We dedicated many hours working on new visuals for certain elements of the game, including; Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops. From now on your city will look better than ever before and what’s more, it will be easier to find certain facilities among all the other buildings.
    • Intel NUC Skull Canyon and Razer Chroma Support — It’s rather self explanatory, really! If you own the aforementioned devices you can now use their full potential in our games. We think you’re gonna like it!
    • Fixes, optimization and ALL THAT STUFF — As always, we crushed a number of bugs that were bothering our players and optimized here and there, improving the overall experience for the game. For the full list of changes, be sure to check the changelog.

    Check out the ‘People and Automatons‘ trailer to get a small look at what this content update brings. If you’re looking for even more info, including the full list of changes and fixes, you can always check out the full changelog too!

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