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Despite the rapid development of the industry of production, the main groups of goods that are needed by the consumer today have been identified for a long time. One of the leaders in product sales groups is galvanized steel which has earned great popularity and distribution due to guaranteed corrosion protection. Galvanized steel, a metal with an additional coating, is used both in the industrial sphere and in the manufacturing sector. It is indispensable in the production of refrigerators, washing machines, gas, electric stoves, air conditioning systems, dishwashers. The manufacturer can guarantee maximum protection of the product due to the thick zinc coating of the sheet. Galvanized steel is produced and realized in rolls and sheets. The roll and the sheet of galvanized steel are divided into groups:

The thickness of the steel galvanized in coils can vary from 0.5 to 1.2 mm, width – up to 1250 mm.

Galvanized steel may have:

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A significant feature of galvanized steel is the ability to withstand loads – bending, stretching, stamping, rolling. Galvanized steel is used as a finished material for the roofing of buildings, cladding facades, installation of ceilings, fencing, flooring, and fences. In addition to separate material, galvanized steel is used as a blank for the production of corrugated metal, metal tiles, castings, visors, and strips.

Galvanized steel in rolls is used for the production of various products on automatic machines. Rolled steel allows you to speed up the production process, significantly reduces the amount of waste. With automatic production, there is no need to pre-cut steel sheets.

Coiled steel is supplied in rolls weighing from 3.5 tons. The standard roll width is 1250 mm. Rolled steel is also used for the production of strips with a width of 80mm.

The advantages of the products are obvious:

  1. The maximum strength of the product.
  2. Easy assembly and disassembly.
  3. Durable coating.

Galvanized steel is an excellent choice for finishing household or industrial facilities, creating pipelines, gutters, and even car bodies.

Coated steel with polymer coating is used for the production of corrugated sheet metal, polymer-coated metal and as an independent material. In addition to the above advantages, coiled steel is also characterized by a high level of protection of steel against mechanical damage when stored in a roll relative to sheet steel. Roll steel is protected from scratches and dents during storage and transportation.

At any thickness of zinc deposition, during installation, the integrity of the surface may be disturbed, which will subsequently lead to metal corrosion. If this happened in visible places, then it is better to treat them with substances based on high-strength paints and varnishes.

Even if a solid industrial base is applied to the products, you should not treat the metal tile carelessly, as a small scratch can rust the metal. Often on the surface of products, just after a couple of months of operation, such a phenomenon as oval spots of white color resembling moldy lesions occurs. The reason for this lies in the uneven deposition of zinc on steel. Also, this may happen in case of insufficient dressing of the plane of the steel strip at the stage of production of rolled metal.



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