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GAMDIAS is a relatively new face in the peripherals category here in the Philippines. Despite their infancy in the local market, they aren’t afraid to show off their upcoming peripherals from the recently concluded Computex 2017.

HERMES Optical Switch Keyboards

The Hermes P2 RGB.

Adapting from their Cherry-style GAMDIAS mechanical switches, their new Optical Switch keyboards now uses infrared light in order for the keys to register instead of your traditional mechanical switches. Currently, the keyboards in GAMDIAS’ lineup that uses this switches are the HERMES P2 RGB and the HERMES M2 7 Color.

The HERMES M2 7 Color

Due to this kind of switch, GAMDIAS ensures that the switches will last longer compared to mechanical switches that suffer performance degradation because of oxidation and wear and tear of the metal contacts. Both the P2 RGB and M2 7 Color are also spill-resistant to prevent water from seeping inside the keyboards.

HERMES Low Profile Switch Keyboards


Taking inspiration from the Tesoro Gram Spectrum, their new HERMES P3 RGB and HERMES M3 offers 16.8 million colors as well as low profile keycaps.


It’s worth noting that despite the Gram Spectrum becoming the first mainstream keyboard that has slim profile keys, the HERMES M3 is the world’s first tenkeyless low-profile keyboard.

Achilles Gaming Chairs

Achilles P1 (Left) and the M1 (Right).

The most intriguing move GAMDIAS made in Computex 2017 is their entry into the gaming chairs category. Their new gaming chairs includes the Achilles P1 and M1. Both of which have 2 designs each, 5 colors as well as the option for small and large sizes.

Leading the pack is the Achilles P1 with a 4D adjustable armrest and a footrest for additional comfort. Much like most of their products, the P1 will have RGB lighting that can be connected through your PC or a power bank that can be customized with 10 color effects.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite time frame as to when these products would arrive in the Philippines. We’ll update you when we get new information in the future.



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